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Being in control of your keys is crucial to securing your facilities. The key to the lock of any facility represents the power of it. However, certain situations necessitate rekeying locks.

Rekeying is altering the mechanism of a lock to make the lock use a different key. This process is entirely different from changing a lock because it does not involve replacing the entire lock and hardware completely and replacing it with a new set of locks.

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What is Rekey?

When you rekey locks, the same locks are still used; only that their mechanisms are reset to make them open with new keys. There is a cylinder in the lock containing a series of upper and lower pins; such that when a key is inserted into the lock; the pins are pushed into alignment and the door opens.

All that a locksmith does to rekey locks Denver is to replace the lower pins with ones that fit accurately along the ridges of the new key. Therefore, only that key can unlock the door, despite the old lock still in place.

When To Rekey Your Locks

If you are moving into a new apartment, home, or office space, you are advised to rekey locks Denver for security reasons. Former tenants or residents may have made duplicate keys without your knowledge and could easily gain access whenever they wish. Rekeying locks can also be used as a precaution for business owners who laid off an employee who had access to the company keys. 

The top circumstances when rekeying locks is appropriate include:

  • Lost Keys
  • If you want a new set of keys for your existing locks quickly
  • Moving into a new home, office, or business
  • When someone who had a copy of your key didn’t return it (a fired employee, roommate moved out, divorce or separation, changing housekeeper or service provider)
  • If you want the same key to open several locks
  • When you want to use a master key system
  • You have not rekeyed or changed your locks over the last 5 years

Rekey the locks at your home, office, and business!

As long as your locks are in working condition we can get them rekeyed. Rekey is also maintenance for your locks, when you rekey your locks it also extends the life of your locks, and using locks after rekey will feel like using new locks.

We can rekey and make master key system for all types of residential and commercial, here are some of the lock types we can rekey:

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Besides guaranteeing security, rekey locks are a lot cheaper than purchasing new locks. Moreover, there is no need for full installation of new locks, which may not fit perfectly on the door; therefore, revealing the old painted area.

To rekey your locks at your home, office, or business in Denver CO, contact Denver Locksmith 24 for professional services that will guarantee the utmost security of your faculties. We offer prompt rekey locks at your location for your convenience and safety within the Denver area.